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Our Services


POS is a program for easily processing payments when customers buy goods and services from your company. Our point of sale software is a cloud-based point of sale system. To ensure work consistency even when internet connections are disrupted; it was designed with a high-security program that will protect your data inside the internet world.


Our system is built with SCM, which stands for supply chain management. The system that monitors the flow of your company's resources from raw materials to finished goods.


HR teams can help managers and employees by optimizing human resource management, improving HR decision making, enabling legislative compliance, and providing better support to managers and employees.

Contact Center Service

Customer service agents are the front liners of the company. It is very important that they have the heart to serve customers at their best. We have tools to ensure that they are monitored and that they are equipped to provide quality calls and services that result in customer satisfaction.


A dashboard is a monitoring and analytic tool that can be used to determine your company's performance and metrics. We have four functions: operational dashboard, accounting dashboard, call center dashboard, and SCM dashboard.

Mobile App

Is a downloadable application that allows you to easily access or monitor the performance of your business from your smartphone or tablet at any time and from any location.


Where you can track total orders, total sales cost, site total sales, franchise total sales, top ten best-selling employees, franchise discounts, top ten best-selling items, product category, total service type, total payment method, site voids, and sales per hour by monitoring the reports today, this week, this month, and this year options.


The ERP accounting module provides financial accounting functionality for financial planning and analysis. You can easily and quickly access all of your company's financial reports. It has a comprehensive function for maintaining an accurate and error-free financial record.

Cloud Service

 As long as you have a phone, tablet or laptop, you can easily monitor your business from the different branches anywhere in the world.  AWS provides us with a high-security program to protect the data of our clients and customers on the server.

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